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We try to keep up to date with posting performances but sometimes we forget to remove past ones and forget to add upcoming ones.  Please feel free to contact us about where we're playing and when.  If we don't put an event up, a note appears reading "No Upcoming Events" and we can't delete that as it's a built-in feature of the webpage template.  Another frustrating aspect of life under the control of computers and an example of the false cry of freedom for all under globalized capitalism.

Fireants for the Holidays

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Fireants for the Holidays

We'll be at Margo's Pottery and Fine Crafts, 1 N. Main, Buffalo Wyoming for three Holiday gallery openings--Friday, November 29, Friday, December 6, and Friday, December 20.  Each event is from 5-7PM.  Join us for art, music, food, and good cheer.